Sunday, September 8, 2013

What's Up?

How did the entire week go by without me blogging once? Truth is I've been busy- busier than I like! Between school, writing, and trying to get as much knitting done as possible, I've been continuing to neglect this poor old blog. But, to quote Batman's dad, "Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up." (Another thing I've been doing while not blogging is watching Batman, which is why that phrase comes so easily to mind.)

Today's blog post deserves only one subject, though in fairness it is quite a big subject:

I'm knitting Pogona by Stephen West- I bought the yarn, Tosh Mo Light, at the DFW Fiber Fest this past April. The colorway is Earl Gray, but it reminds me of Rivendell from Lord of the Rings. I love the pattern- it's my first Stephen West pattern, but I see myself knitting many more in the future! 

This project was recently on a quick time out because the other night while watching Foyle's War (I do love my British TV shows) with my sister, a huge knot came out of my ball of yarn, quickly followed by another one. I spent most of the episode trying to untangle yarn! (And that's saying something, as these episodes are a good hour and a half long.) But it's all been sorted out now and I'm making good progress again. 

That being said, I just picked up a pair of socks that desperately need to be finished, so Pogona may not be getting as much attention as it wants in the next week or two! And, to add in another distraction, a box full of yarn for Christmas knitting (after all, the holidays are less than four months away!) is coming in the mail tomorrow. I keep telling myself that getting started on Christmas knitting now will mean I'll be done well before Christmas and I'll have a stress free December, but honestly I think Christmas knitting will make the time come more quickly! Then again, speaking as a kid at heart, that's not necessarily a bad thing...

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