To Live A Life started a couple of years ago when my mom found out the having a blog is free, and she finally let me start one. But my blogging adventure didn't start here- it started here. I refer to it every once in a while as To Live A Life version 1, or something similar.

But now I'm here. My blog has become less about my life and more about my knitting, but knitting is my life so I ain't changin' the title.

So, when I'm not blogging about my various fiber related ventures, what am I doing? Well, most of the time I'm knitting, so I have something to blog about. I can often be found in my Lair with my needles clicking noisily and my music or audiobook turned up loud to drown out the clicking.

What is this 'Lair'? you might ask, and with good reason: who could not be curious about such an awesome-sounding place? My Lair is the tiny portion of the room I share with my sister that it all mine. It has a bookshelf, a small desk, a big purple throw pillow for me to sit on, and big fluffy faux lepoard skin blanket for me to sit under. On the bookshelf I keep yarn and yarn-related things and even a couple of books. On the wall I keep everything but the kitchen sink. It has postcards, pictures I've cut out from newspapers, posters, cards, and even some drawings of my own that I don't really want to show closeups of.

It's in here that I do all my knitting. At least, that's where I'm supposed to do all my knitting- sometime's it gets too messy.

What else will I blog about here? Well, I'm a writer and I blog about what I write. I think most of those posts go unnoticed by the general public though. I'm not entirely sure- but the posts about knitting sure do get more comments than the ones about writing.

Speaking of comments- I love them! I mean, who doesn't? If you feel like writing a quick comment please know that each one is appreciated, unless you say something mean in which case I will hate you for all eternity. ;-). I don't have any evil word verification things, either, so commenting will be a breeze.

Hope you enjoy your visit here! Don't forget to comment and maybe even follow!
xoxo, Anya


  1. Nice lair, hon!!! Don't worry about your blog evolving over time, mine certainly has ;)

  2. "...become less about my life and more about my knitting, but knitting is my life..." Great line! I relate wholeheartedly :-)


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