Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Happy New Year!

New Year's Resolutions:

  1. Blog more
  2. Knit more
I don't usually make many New Year's Resolutions, but this year I think it would definitely be good for me to have the goal to more frequently update this blog. Sorry, readers. 

I don't really need to make the resolution to knit more, because knitting is something I do all the time whether I have to or not. But it's always good to throw in at least one easily achievable resolution, right? 

I started off the New Year with two knitting projects, both of which I worked on quite a lot on my week-long trip to New Mexico, where I did nothing but sit in a cabin and knit all day, pausing occasionally to eat something (because every knitter knows it's impossible to knit on an empty stomach). 

The first is a new sweater by Mel Ski called Halele'a. I'm joining in with the Must Stash Podcast's KAL for this sweater, without which I doubt I would have the fortitude to knit a fingering-weight cardigan. 
I am not using the recommended yarn for this sweater because I do not have a large enough yarn budget to use hand dyed yarn for sweaters (not yet, anyway). No, I'm using the much more affordable Knitpicks Stroll, made even more affordable by purchasing it during the Cyber Monday sale for $15. 

Because I'm using a yarn slightly thicker than the recommended yarn, I had to go down three needle sizes to get gauge. Having to make so many swatches set me back on the sweater a little, but now I'm going strong and am hoping to get the fronts of the cardigan (which are being knit two at a time) done this week. 

The second project is a pair of plain vanilla socks, knit with Manos Del Urguay Alegria in the color way Carnival. 
It's my first time knitting with hand-dyed sock yarn, and I'm loving how the yarn is pooling. Even my mom, a devoted hater of hot pink, says that these socks look nice. I'm about 5 inches into the leg- another couple of inches and I'll be ready for the heel! 

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