Friday, November 8, 2013

FO Friday: November Rain!

Long time no see, blog world! Where did October go? It was such a busy, crazy month, I don't have enough room to talk about everything that happened! Maybe in another post...

Anyway, I'm here today to show off a brand new finished object. It's actually been finished for a couple of weeks, but as it was for my sister's birthday (which was on Monday, happy belated birthday Becca) I couldn't share it. But it was worth the wait- I managed to get her to model her knew knitwear.

Ta-da! Leg warmers! Several months ago, Becca saw the pattern (Some Cloudy Day, by Tiny Owl Knits) and exclaimed, "Make me some!" I did an excellent job keeping these a secret while I was knitting them, and she was completely surprised on her birthday. According to her, they're extremely warm- probably too warm for Texas, but I think she'll wear them anyway. (And if she doesn't, I'll steal them back. The heat ain't keeping me from wearing woollies all year round.) 

Because her birthday is in November and the pattern is called Some Cloudy Day, I've decided to put two and two together and call this project November Rain, as both me and my sister love that song. Is it a bit weird that I name my knitting projects? Do you name your projects?

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  1. Very nice leg warmers! I also like the grey color - so perfect for cloudy days!

  2. Love them. I need to see if my daughter wants a pair. I always name my projects something else. Sometimes it's after the person, sometimes it just comes to me from other areas.

  3. Great leg warmers, and great boots!

  4. You should post about Dr Who Day!


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