Monday, December 10, 2012


I've spent the better part of the day with my needles clicking and churning out this little elf. Tell me he's not the most adorable thing you've seen all day. 

I designed the pattern as I went, and unfortunately made no pattern notes so if I want to recreate him I'll have to use my memory and where that fails look to him for help. But it's all pretty straightforward, so were I to wish another one into existence it wouldn't be too difficult. I did it once, right? 

I'm very proud of his feet. I did a little heel and everything, and I've never even knit socks. And I only had six stitches to work with. And look how neat my stitches are. Oh, I'm so happy with him!

I used boring old scratchy Red Heart yarn, mostly because it's the only worsted weight yarn I have that isn't being used for a Christmas knit. I knit most of him on size 7 dpns and the ears and belt on size 4 dpns. 

Gosh. I still can't believe I made something so incredibly cute. 

I've found that I like knitted toys a lot more than crocheted ones. I just like the look of stockinette more than that of single crochet, no offense to lovers of crochet. Knitting looks so much tidier to me- perfect for a little Christmas elf who likes to hide in stockings. 


  1. OMG THAT IS SO ADORABLE!!!!!!! Chris wants to know if we can have it next Christmas!!
    xoxox Izzy

  2. You know, you should at least be pretending to work on only Christmas presents.


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