Monday, December 31, 2012

At The End

So, unless I go on a blogging craze tonight (don't get your hopes up), this will be the last post to be published in 2012. That will bring the total of 2012 to 167 posts. So close to a hundred seventy.

Most people are talking about New Year's Resolutions right about now. I don't think I've ever set a New Year's Resolution before, and I say, let's not break that nice tradition. As Calvin says, I'm perfect the way I am. So there's that done with.

A lot of people are also talking about what they've accomplished this year. I would agree to this one- but the post would quickly turn into a novel.

So, since I can't be a stereotypical blogger, I'll just talk about how I redesigned my blog (again). It was just making me wince every time I looked at it, so I took it all away and put something much simpler back. I'll probably keep tweaking at it until I get something I like. I know there's some perfect design out there.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope your resolutions are as easy to fulfill as mine.


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