Sunday, December 23, 2012

Yet Another Pair

In the past few days, I've been mainly knitting yet another pair of fingerless gloves. I've been trying to recreate the perfect pair of fingerless gloves, which I already own but sadly they are falling apart.

This perfect pair of fingerless gloves is actually a pair of store-bought gloves that shrunk in the wash, so I cut the fingers off. The thing about these mitts is that they are a little bit too small, so they fit very close to my hands. Most of my fingerless gloves are perfect right after I knit them, but after a few weeks of use they stretch out and are too loose.

However, I have now accomplished my mission of creating a pair of gloves that are tight enough and then some.
I give you Radagast, the name inspired, again, by The Hobbit. I finally figured out how to do the whole PDF file thing, so no more long boring patterns for my non-knitting followers to scroll through. Happy Christmas. You can download it for free here


  1. This is Molly. You should come to grannies today!! Please! Cathy and Lucy and jean are here.


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