Saturday, December 15, 2012

Not A Moment Lost

Guess what everyone- I finished my Christmas knitting! Well, mostly. There are always a few seams to sew, ends to weave in etcetera, etcetera. But I finished enough to start a 'big' project for myself.

By big, I mean Saroyan, which I've had my eye on for about a week, give or take a day. I had the perfect yarn for it: 19 or 20 balls of Bainin Tweed, an Irish yarn that only has 16 projects listed on its Ravelry page. I received the yarn from our friend Cindy at Jacob's Reward Farm, when my mom and I went to the farm last Friday to help clean out the Little Red Barn. (What more explanation need be said-  we went to a sheep farm and cleaned out a barn that's little and red. Can't get more to the point than that.) Cindy had been in possession of this yarn for quite a while and as thanks for helping at the farm, she passed it on to me.

So today I took 4 of the 20 hundred-yard balls and cast on my very own Saroyan. I began at around three o'clock. I have now nearly finished the six increase repeats.

It's very pretty, if I do say so myself (I have no problems admitting how amazing my knitting is, apparently) I had to stop then because I ran out of the first ball of yarn, but I'll probably do a bit more before I go to bed- hey, it is the first Friday after the winter break started, I can stay up late. 
I just love those little leaves. I could knit this pattern all day. (Oh wait, been there, done that). I am also loving how the yarn is working up. The little drops of color against the green yarn makes me think of a Christmas tree, even though it's the wrong shade of green. And the wrong kind of leaves. 


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  1. Anna, we love your knitting skills!!!!
    Love, Izzy and Chris


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