Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Superstitious Nonsense

2012 was an excellent number, but 2013 doesn't have the same ring to it. I feel a bit bad for 13, always looked upon as unlucky. What did it ever do? Though I must admit, the number does have a rather ominous sound to it.

Last night, instead of going to a party or drinking champagne, I was on the computer, chatting through Gmail with my friend Rose, who also had nobody to celebrate the New Year with. We stayed up till midnight (and a little later), wasting time and laughing. 

The reason I had nobody to celebrate with is that nearly my entire family took off yesterday morning to Palo Duro Canyon, located in the Panhandle of Texas, for a four or five day camping trip. I'm very happy about this, because it means that there are only four people in a house that usually is home to seven or eight (and in the last couple of weeks, 10 or 11). I'm taking advantage of the emptiness and quiet for some relaxing knitting, writing, and reading. My mom and I both hate camping of any sort, as we learned last year when we were dragged to Big Bend for a week the day after Christmas. Sure, mountains and cacti are pretty, but not worth the freezing, windy nights and the threat of being eaten by javelinas. 

Today I'm going to be working on my Saroyan. I'm almost done with the straight part, and then onto the decreases, which are always nice because the rows start to take less and less time to do. I've been knitting a lot of other things lately, which is why I haven't finished Saroyan yet, but now I've picked it up again and it's going well. 

I think the best thing about starting a new year is the archives on a blog, particularly one that's >1 year old, like mine. It goes from one year to two, and it looks much more professional and grown up.
Again, Happy New Year, everyone, and many more to come! 

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  1. You should have stayed with us at Grannnies!! It was super fun!!


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