Monday, January 28, 2013

Silence are Grey

Chances are, the title of this post seems to you like a grammatical error and a misremembering of a common phrase in movie theaters. But then, with the growing popularity of Doctor Who, maybe the chances aren't so low. Do you understand the title and it's perfectly correct grammar?
That thing in the middle is a Silence. The tall one. I love this picture. Although, most of you probably don't get why. 

It would appear that on this blog, I tend to write mostly about what I've knit on the given day. Sometimes I'll give and update on something nerdy or some novel I'm writing, but most often I write about my knitting. This probably gets tiresome, especially for my non-knitting readers. No matter how impressed you are by my unmatched talent, you must get bored by post after post about knitted hexagons and scarves and cowls and works in progress. Surely you're thinking, how much knitting can one person do? 

Well, quite a lot, as it happens. But let's not go into more knitting details. Aren't I supposed to be avoiding that in this post? 

I guess I can't help it. I guess I'm just such a fiber artist that I can't even try not to write a post about knitting without doing the exact opposite. I'm terribly sorry, all, but you are doomed to reading a mostly-knitting blog. Confound it. 

But don't worry, you poor souls who don't knit. You can still enjoy my wit and writing, can you not? So read on, and don't get discouraged by all the knitting vocabulary that's like an entire different language to you.

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