Saturday, January 19, 2013


I was never one for baby dolls. Sure, they were fun for playing 'house' every once in a while, but really they were quite boring. But lately I've had a fascination for those antique-ish looking dolls that are either knit or made completely of wood or ceramic, and that have a variety of old-looking dresses and rather expressionless faces. 

This doll I knit today was inspired by two blogs I follow, Ginx Craft  and Dot Pebbles. The latter of the two is chock full of ideas for dolls, but the former has an exact post that inspired my doll (link). 

I made the pattern up, but took precise notes so that I can write the pattern. I also was considering felting her because I used sport weight wool and needles three or four sizes larger than suggested, but I decided against it for no particular reason.

She also doesn't have a name (yet). When it comes to naming things I generally fail miserably, which is why most of the things I knit that deserve names (i.e. bunnies, owls, hamsters, dolls) never get them.

The dress I didn't make pattern notes for, unfortunately, so I might have to make another one before I publish the pattern. But it's quite simple; essentially just a tube of knitting that's a little wider at the bottom, has some ribbing at the top, and has two i-cord straps that cross in the back. I'm thinking of making her another outfit with a ruffly, colorful skirt and a beige top.

Also, the dress looked a little drab when it was just plain grey so I crocheted a red edging on the hem and thought, well that compliments the blue bows in her hair quite nicely. (The hair, by the way, is some combed top roving that I stitched to her head and plaited, tying it off with a little of the leftover yarn from my Entrelac Cowl.)

Goodnight (or very early good morning, rather). I really have to stop staying up so late, or I'll get jet lag when school starts and I have to get up early every morning. 

And, of course, I'm linking with Tami's Amis for FO Friday. 


  1. Sophie says hello to your lovely doll. She is really honoured that she inspired you.

  2. cute!! xoxo becca.
    I didn't even see you making these!!

  3. So cute! I absolutely love her. She reminds me of the one from the Island of Misfit Toys.


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