Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bunny Yarn

I have an old rabbit pelt I bought several years ago in New Mexico. It's extremely soft and silky, and right now it's posing as my bedside table. I can't have a bedside table because I sleep on the top of a bunk bed, and that table would have to have really long legs. So instead, I put whatever book I'm reading at the edge of the bed near my pillow, put the rabbit fur on top of that, and there I have a nice little place to put my alarm clock. And I can fall asleep with my hand on the luxuriously soft bunny fur.

That paragraph had absolutely nothing to do with the rest of this post.

Today I found a little sample of unspun Angora fiber. There was hardly any, and so I felt it justifiable to just spin it all up into a bulky, soft, fluffy few yards of yarn. It was the most enjoyable thing I'd done all day, and even all week (except for maybe my Tardis Hexiflat). 

It's probably super bulky weight or so, and it's approximately 6 yards in length. Not really enough to do anything with, huh? But I like to just hold the skein, 'cause it's so soft. 

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