Thursday, January 24, 2013

Look At All The Tardises

Just look at them. They're so amazing. 3 Type 40 Tardises (or is it Tardisi?), all on different items of craftiness. 

I don't think I ever mentioned the Doctor Who knitting bag I received for my birthday (never did get around to that post, did I?), beautifully made by my wonderful sister-in-law Augustine, and possibly the most amazing present I got. 

Today I made my first decorated hexiflat. Well, maybe not the first; some might count the stripy one and the cabled one as decorated. But this one is special. 
I like to just stand back and admire its nerdiness. On Ravelry, there are lots and lots (and lots and lots) of charts for the hexipuffs, and an entire category entitled "All Of Time And Space". And might I add that it has even more charts that "The Hogwarts Express" category. 

Speaking of hexis, I might as well give and update. I've finished fifteen, five above this month's quota. And it's only the 24th. 
There are only 14 pictured here; I knit another while I was waiting for the computer to be free. 

Okay. I'm done rambling about little hexagons now, by force rather than choice because I have to go do the dishes. In the words of my friend (and The Doctor), Toodle pip! 

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  1. I love the Tardis hexagon! Man, one day I'll start making those myself...


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