Monday, January 14, 2013

birthday bouquet

My 14th birthday isn't actually until the 17th, but today was more convenient for the celebration. And so, for all intents and purposes, I am now 14 years old. Fourteen. Quite a number. As my mom said, part of the 14-15-16 range. And as I said in reply, I'm getting old.

Call me strange, but I really don't like big parties, especially when I'm the center of attention. The biggest birthday party I ever had was my Doctor Who themed one when I turned 12, and I invited two whole friends. Shocking, eh?

(My second biggest birthday was my 9th I think, when I had a Lord of the Rings themed party. My sisters put Lord of the Rings action figures all over the place, and made a cake in the shape of the ring and actually put the elvish-y writing on it. Wow, that was way back before I started getting confused between Denethor and Theoden and started calling Faramir, who was once my favorite character next to Smeagol, Feomer all the time.)

Most of the birthdays in my family are spent with a special supper, cake and ice cream, presents, and, in mine and Mary Margaret's case, Rose and Joan over from next door. The hight of excitement.

This year will be equally simple. We're having enchiladas for dinner and cheesecake (so my gluten-free sister can eat it) for dessert. Another tradition is that we always get coffeecake for breakfast, so that's what greeted me when (or about half an hour after) I got up this morning. And my sister Becca surprised me with some beautiful flowers, that I photographed the heck out of already. I love taking pictures of flowers; they're the only pictures that every seem to come out right.
They're so pretty and sweet. I could photograph them all day long. 

I'll be back tomorrow with more pictures and celebratory news, but for now, I've got some knitting to do. Happy Birthday, Anya! 

(why thank you. so kind of you to remember.) 


  1. wow, whoever picked those out did a great job ;) beautiful beautiful...happy birthday baby! xoxo becca

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!! You're a cool cuz :) :) :) :) :) -mo


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