Thursday, January 10, 2013

Entrelac Cowl

I actually finished my Entrelac Cowl on the 3rd of January, so this post is long overdue. But it's here now, so let's forget all that, eh?
Out of all the things I knit, the cowls and fingerless gloves I've made get the most use. This may well be that cowls and fingerless gloves are almost all that I have knit. This cowl, knit with Knitpicks Biggo in the color way Calypso Heather, has already gotten a lot of wear, and it's still looking fabulous. I got the yarn for free when Knitpicks did that thing where if you spend five bucks you get a free skein of Biggo. Best five dollars I've ever spent. 

I'll post the pattern in a few days, when I get my head around my notes. I also need help picking a name for the pattern. Entrelac Cowl sounds a bit boring, doesn't it? 

Were I to make it again, I would do a provisional cast on or something and graft the ends together, as my seam is anything but invisible. I don't know how that would work since you don't really bind off when working entrelac, but I'm sure there's a way around that. 

See you tomorrow for FO Friday; yes, I have even more up my sleeve. I was finishing things left and right last week.


  1. I think your entrelac looks lovely! (Gorgeous colour too!) This is a technique I'm looking forward to learning in 2013!

  2. I love cowls too! Yours is lovely, beautiful color!


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