Thursday, January 31, 2013


It was my goal to write one post every day of January. If you avidly follow my blog (which you probably don't), you'll realize that I did not meet this goal. I came sort-of-not-really close though. So I'm going to say it officially this time. I am going to write one post every day of February unless there are extenuating circumstances. There. I said it.

I thought I'd write a quick one this morning to bring the count up from uneven, prime 23 to beautiful 4 time 6 twenty-four. I wasn't going to write a post this morning, because I thought this morning was going to be a mad dash to get everything ready and then go to geometry class, but turns out I still have an hour before I have to leave for geometry.

I have geometry class every Thursday. Most of the time the schedule is pretty straightforward; go to class, come home at 12:15, relax for the rest of the day. But today is special. Today, almost immediately after I get picked up from class I drive off with my family in our big white van. The destination: Houston.

We're driving down to Houston to see my big brother's film, Ain't Them Bodies Saints. It premiered at Sundance the Sunday before last, and my mom and my brothers Ben and Dan got to go up to Utah to see it then. But the rest of us had to wait until it came to Houston.

So now the time has come and I have to cut this short (although it is rather long already) to go and prepare myself a lunch for the car. There's little I hate more than packing lunches.

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