Friday, January 11, 2013

FO Friday: Ocean in the Sky

As promised, my second finished object of the week. 
This was first hat design, and I'm quite proud of it. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to make another one before I write the pattern out, because I failed to take notes while decreasing and I'm not sure how it all fits together. 

The hat was inspired neither by the ocean or the sky, so why the name, you may wonder? When I first showed it to my older sister Rebecca, she exclaimed, "I love it! It's an ocean in the sky!" At first I mocked her, telling her that there weren't any oceans in the sky, but later on, the name wriggled its way into my heart and now it's stuck forever. 
I used the Berroco Quasar I received for Christmas, and combined it with a stitch pattern from my new stitch book, so in years to come, this hat will remind me of Christmas 2012, unless I'm so old I can't remember a thing about it. 

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  1. cute hat! I've knit a few things with that lace pattern before, I think - it looks familiar to me & always comes out very pretty

    Visited you from Ravelry!

  2. Beautiful! Will keep an eye out for the pattern.

  3. wow, great hat! Good pictures too...really captured the pattern and color!! Make me one! XOXO becca

  4. Nice name for the hat. Actually, I think there are oceans in the sky. :-) Happy weekend. Regula

  5. Great name and an awesome color! Smart sister too!


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