Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blue Bofurs

This evening I went to see The Hobbit again. This time, I was able to pick up on each of the dwarves' characters since I could focus more on the characters than the plot. So, I suppose Peter Jackson did do a pretty good job developing their characters. Though there are still a few who I couldn't say much about, and some who I could say lots and lots about. Namely Thorin, Balin, Bofur, and Kili.

Watching the movie again inspired me to knit another pair of Bofur's Fingerless Gloves, because the ones I made last month have gotten very fuzzy from lots of use and don't really look like seed stitch any more.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any gray yarn, so I'm having to make do with navy blue. I'm also making a few modifications, namely going up to size 10 needles for a looser fabric and adding a thumb gusset. From watching the movie again I could see that the real deal does actually have a small thumb, so might as well tack it on there. I'm also using Red Heart yarn held double, which is awful and scratchy. But I had to use it sometime, right?

I'm pretty tired (three hours in a movie theater really is quite exhausting) so I think I'll just go to bed, maybe finish a hexipuff first (it'll be the twentieth), and read a bit more of The Hobbit. In the book, I'm right at the place where the movie ends, so I might just have to start the book over to really get the movie fully. I bet that reading it right after seeing it will really help the plot develop in my mind.

(By the way, I'm just kidding about all that. I'm going to finish the next two thirds of the book and probably not read it again for several years. See how tired I am, making random lies? Better go to bed.)

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