Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Should be Writing Right Now...

Okay, so technically, I am writing right now. But I'm not noveling. 

And, technically, noveling isn't a word. 

Instead of novelling (which is, in case you don't get it, the act of writing novels), I'm waiting for June, when I'm going to begin noveling again. I know, it's a long way off and I shouldn't be planning my novels my the month. But I have to fit my schedule to that of Nanowrimo* and Camp Nanowrimo*. I will be participating in both this year, if all goes well. 

But in the meantime, I'm editing my most recent novel. Sound fun? It would be, if Microsoft Word was being nice and working for me. And if my brother Nate weren't using the other computer. 

But enough about noveling! On to more exciting, adventuresome things! Oh, wait, there is nothing more exciting and adventuresome! 


But really, I have been writing a lot recently. I discovered a new fabulous site called Yarny*, and no, it is not about knitting. Or crocheting. Or spinning. Or any of the other fiber art things I'm interested in. No, Yarny is dedicated to writing only. No knitting. 

Speaking of knitting, I've also recently learned how to do intarsia. The knitting kind, not the woodworking kind. It's a lot of fun, but so far I haven't done more than a couple of practice swatches to get the hang of it. 

And now, I've briefly updated you on my noveling and fiber arts life. 

So now, onto more exciting and adventuresome things! Like, noveling.

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