Saturday, February 4, 2012

Them Wild Beasts

I shortly returned from the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center with my three sisters, my Dad, and my uncle and aunt Paul and Pat respectively.

What is Fossil Rim, you may ask. Unless you've been there yourself, which is entirely possible. But if you haven't been, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is a Wildlife Center (I know, who would've guessed it? The name gives absolutely nothing away). 

The seven of us rode out in our van, well equipped for the two hour drive with a pair of speakers and a couple of iPods belonging to various people in the family. The ride went by surprisingly quickly, and we arrived at the Wildlife Center at twelve o'clock, approximately two hours after our departure. 

Thankfully, you don't have to walk at all here. You don't even get out of your car except to buy some food for the animals and pay your admission. You then drive through a winding, miles long road with wild animals grazing by the grass, and eating out of your hands. 

I had never been to Fossil Rim before, whereas my siblings had. And so I was seated in the place of honor: the passenger's seat. Since only the front windows of our van open, only the driver and the front passenger are able to feed the animals, while everybody else watches. 

We saw lots and lots of awesome animals, and experienced lots of drooling. By the animals, not us. It is quite extraordinary to have a wild, antlered creature reaching its head through the window and eating from your hand. And slobbering all over your hand. 

Possible my favorite was the giraffes. I was in the back seat by then, but I'm not complaining. Mary Margaret and Elizabeth had lots of fun with the long necked, and indeed long tongued, animals. Oh, that big boy was gorgeous. 

Another amazing sight was the cheetahs. They were fenced in, and it was heart melting to see them prowling around the edges of their fence, longing to stretch their legs. But they had lots and lots of space, plenty to run if they wanted. We saw a mother cleaning her cub's face, which was magnificent. 

After we exited the Wildlife Center, we went to a late lunch at a BBQ place close by the Wildlife Center. It was rated int eh top 50 barbecue places in Texas, and it was delicious. Good food and lots of it. :) 

Another two hour drive back home, which many of us slept the whole way through, and now we're getting ready for a big enchilada dinner! What an amazing day! 

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