Monday, June 24, 2013

An FO and some colorwork

this picture is slightly off-center but I'm way too lazy to take another one
I finished my Hitchhiker. I finished it yesterday afternoon, with exactly 18 inches of yarn leftover. I was really getting nervous as I bound off, but thankfully it turned out okay. I was able to complete a total of 38 teeth, which was more than I expected. I was worried about not having enough yarn- I only had 400 yards, but it's actually the perfect size and I wouldn't really want it any bigger. The yarn I used is Western Sky Knits Aspen Sock with Nylon in the colorway 'Lucy'.

As I cast off, I was thinking about my next project. I was deciding between doing what I should do and finish up a few WIPs, or doing what I wanted to do and starting something new. Naturally I chose the latter. The project of choice was Baby Lamb Cuffs, which I began after supper (which I made). I knit the first mitt while watching Merlin (I watched a lot of Merlin), and today I'm working on the second one.

The first one I did using the stranded colorwork technique, and as you can tell from the picture my tension was quite terrible. For the second mitt, I'm using Intarsia, and it's already looking much neater. I'm probably going to remake the first mitt, just because I won't be able to stand having one neat lamb and one messy lamb.

I'll be back tomorrow with a spinning update!

p.s. Sorry about not blogging for almost a week- I was too busy knitting! I'll be better this week.

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