Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WIPs & Books: Two New Things

On Sunday,  I started a brand new project as a reward for having completely finished the swap I'd been working on. Yes, I could have dug through my pile of WIPs and worked on one of those, but I really didn't feel like doing that so I started something new. The pattern is Hitchhiker and the yarn is Western Sky Knits Aspen Sock with Nylon in the colorway 'Lucy'. I bought it at the DFW Fiber Fest a few months ago, with no idea what to do with it, but recently decided that Hitchhiker was the best way to go.

I'm a bit worried about how long I'll be able to make it, because I only have 400 yards and you're meant to have over 500 yards. But I'm sure it will be okay, because plenty of other people have made it with only 400 yards or thereabout. I'm 23 'teeth' in and still have 65 out of the original 100 grams left.

Yesterday, not wishing to listen to any of the music on my iPod, I uploaded David Copperfield onto it. I have listened to about two and a half hours of it, and am thoroughly enjoying it. Last night, for the main reason of not getting confused between two plots, I finished Jane Eyre (at long last). I had about 60 pages left at a quarter to midnight, and closed the book at 1:15. It is, I think, one of my favorite books, and I immediately wanted to read it again, but I think I'll wait a few years for that.

As usual, I'm linking with Tami's Amis today.


  1. I've seen many hitchhikers but havn't knitted one myself. I must do it sooner than later. I like the teethy edge very much. Happy reading, happy knitting! Regula

  2. I'm your newest follower. Always love meeting new blog mates. The scarf is on my list of things to do..has been for far too long; but perhaps one day I'll get there. I love the colors, very pretty!

    1. Hi! Thanks for following :)
      Hitchhiker is really a very fun knit- and addictive! I haven't been able to put it down!

  3. I just made Hitchhiker for a knitswap! It was great fun, and my swap partner loved it. :)


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