Sunday, March 4, 2012


The gripping story of Airman only took me a few days to read. Eoin Colfer has stunned us again.

Colfer's character Conor Broekhart was born flying. Literally. And so, what else would he want to do? On his home on Great Saltee, Conor pursues his flying dreams. His teacher and fellow scientist Victor Vigny shares this dream, and together the two build plans for a heavier than air flying machine.

At least, until Vigny is killed and Conor blamed for the murder. Conor is sent to prison on Little Saltee, where he stays for two years, until he escapes.

But there are still loose ends to be tied off. His family believes him of murdering the King and Victor Vigny, while the real murderer acts as a friend. Conor has to fly home to his family and tell them the truth of the matter.

I would have dismissed it as a scientific book about airplanes, had it not been by Eoin Colfer, and had the reviews not been good. I'm glad I read it, and I now know a bit more about flying machines.

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