Sunday, March 11, 2012

Down Day

I just came from the TV room, where I was watching The Emperor's New Groove with two of my sisters and my mother. Before that, I had been in my bed, 1/4 sulking, 3/4 sleeping. I was sulking because I overslept today, and was in a rush to get my 750 words done before mass. I've been getting up at six o'clock every morning for the past week, and today, I slept in till 8:10. That left thirty minutes to write and make myself presentable. Let's just say that frantic and miserable tears were shed. When my schedule is disrupted by my own fault, the rest of my day is often affected by the horrors of disruption.

After mass, I struggled through breakfast without bursting into tears (I don't know why I was still so upset. I was probably tired) and disappeared to my bed for a little while, and then I watched The Emperor's New Groove, which brings us up to speed.

Now, I'm sitting in a comfy chair wrapped in my bathrobe and faux fur blanket. I'm very comfortable and I don't want to move for as long as possible.

I haven't blogged in a while, and a lot has happened.

Well, not really.

I got my novel printed out, and have spent the last half a week reading it and doing a little bit of editing. I'm loving it, to borrow McDonald's catchphrase. It's 313 pages, which is a happy prime. Another little thing I learned during my spring break.

A number is happy when, if you repeat the following steps enough times, you get one. Take the number 313, for example. Break down the digits, so you have 3, 1, and 3. Square each of these numbers. 9, 1, and 9. Add them together. 9+1+9=19. Repeat. 1+81=82. 64+4=68. 36+64=100. 1+0+0=1. And there you have it. A happy number. If it goes continuously in a loop, it's a unhappy number, or a sad number. If your happy number is a prime number, it's a happy prime. :)

My sister Elizabeth's friend from Bolivia, Princess Carmen, came Friday night. She leaves on Thursday. She's a very happy person to have around.

I don't ever want to get up because I'm so warm and comfortable. And sleepy....

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