Sunday, March 18, 2012

The New Chicks

Due to a chicken hawk, we lost three of our chicken flock in the past year. We recently got six more tiny, week-old chicks, and we are all in love with them.

We got two breeds. Americaunas and Orpingtons. The Americaunas are brown, black, and red, and the Orpingtons are buff.

This is a little Americauna, falling asleep in the palm of my hand. We all love her. She's one of the nicest out of the six, so far, anyway, and she will fall asleep anywhere.
here are all six of them. The lighter of the three brown and black ones is the star of the previous photo. The yellow ones that look like the classic Easter chicks are the Orpingtons. 
These are the grown-up hens, the big birds our chicks are fated to become. Actually, I like the way chickens look when they're fully grown. But they are sure a lot more annoying once they learn what the word food means... 

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