Thursday, March 15, 2012

Benny and Omar

Eoin Colfer's first book was better than many author's first books, though it's impossible to say that he hasn't vastly improved.

Benny and Omar recounts the adventures of Benny Shaw, an Irish boy, who unwillingly moves to Tunisia with his family. Determined to hate everyone and everything in Tunisia, the last thing Benny is expecting is friendship with a local orphan, Omar, who learned his very limited English watching pirated TV shows.

Through a series of strange and complicated circumstances, Benny and Omar come away from the book with quite a few semi-legal achievements under their battered belts.

It was a hilariously delightful book, though at times I was confused by the plot. If I were to try and write this book, it would be much, much worse. One and a half thumbs up.

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