Sunday, March 4, 2012

So Many Successes

If any of you are familiar with my all-time favorite writing site, you'll know that there's a long, long list of web badges you can get, if you work hard enough. I'm a big fan of these badges. So far, I have eight. Not bad for only a sixty-three day streak!

First, the egg. The way every 750words writer starts. This badge is free. 0 day streak.

Then, after three days of writing, you become a Turkey. 

Another two days and you're a bow-tie sporting Penguin. If the Doctor were a bird, he would be this lovely little 5-day-streak penguin.

And then, another week and you're a Flamingo. Five more days and you're standing on one leg in some exotic zoo, with ten days of writing behind you.

Unfortunately, you have to wait twenty more days until you get your next badge. But, if you hold out long enough, you've got a beautiful Albatross on your stats page.

That's the furthest I've gotten in terms of streaks. Another forty days, and I'm a Phoenix. But I can wait.

And then there's the other category of badges, the ones you get for completing little tricks, and voluntary accomplishments.

First, you get your lovely Turquoise Horse with Pink Eyeshadow. This is for completing the one-month challenge, which is pretty much the same thing as getting your Albatross badge.

Then, for writing your words illegibly-through-all-the-thousands-of-typos because you only took ten minutes to write 750 words, you get a little Cheetah. I like the Cheetah.

You also get a hamster for writing without getting distracted for ten days, and I should have that my now, but I don't. So I'll just move on to my final badge.

The Inspired Writer. This sort of comes with the one-month challenge, because by completing the one-month challenge, you get little cups of coffee, which you can then trade in to write a little scribble of thanks to the creator of the site.

My Badges. I'm so proud of myself. And I can't wait to get more.

Classic human behavior, eh?

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