Monday, September 10, 2012

A Picture Is Worth 1000 (or 242) Words...

The floor of the patio was made up of two substances; flagstones and loose grey and brown pebbles. The flagstones took up only about a quarter of the space, while the pebbles dominated in quantity.
There was a wood burning clay oven amidst the pebbles, with a base about three feet high made of uneven bricks and a dome made of brown clay. The doorway to the oven was charred from years of use. Judging by the relatively new looking one, the door has caught fire before. A pair of common fireplace tongs had been leaned against the oven, and looked rusty as though they had been left out in the rain. All of the pebbles surrounding the oven were coated in ash.

Only two of the four poles supporting the roof over the oven were visible, and hanging from the roof was a string of white lights, like Chinese lanterns. 

In the background was a tree with wooden planks nailed to the trunk, as though forming a ladder up to a treehouse. Two chickens strutted around the patio, matching the few hiding further back behind a fence. An orange extension cord was draped over a wooden footstool, and on the wrought iron table in the center of the flagstones was a tool of some sort covered in a tarp. Also on the rather crowded table were two lanterns and an empty bottle of whisky, as well as a bottle of beer.


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