Saturday, September 1, 2012

Give Me A Dalek Any Day

As we all should know, Asylum of the Daleks aired today at 7:20pm. That's in Britain. Here in America, it's only 4:00. But big deal.

I'm not watching it until tomorrow, but seeing as I'm extremely excited and can barely contain myself, I decided to crochet a little something to keep me happy when I'm, with any luck, terrified tomorrow afternoon.

It's a Dalek! I'm so happy! Of course, if it were made of something more dangerous than acrylic wool (such as metal) and was more than six inches tall, I would be anything but happy. 

I've never really liked the Daleks. They aren't scary, not to me anyways, they have very obnoxious voices. I'm sure I would probably die from fear rather than extermination if I ever came face to face with one, but when they're stuck inside a screen, they're just another annoying robot. 

That's not to say I'm dreading Asylum of the Daleks. It looks absolutely amazing. And Daleks are a necessary part of Doctor Who. Without them, the show would just be so much slimy green martians. And Weeping Angels. Weeping Angels are another necessary part of Doctor Who. But the Lonely Assassins are much better monsters than the Daleks. 

Anyway, I crocheted my Dalek, and I started to write down the pattern as I went, but then I decided that when I crochet, I kind of just do whatever works and it's kind of confusing, so I'll just let y'all use one of the many other Dalek patterns out there. Or if you really, really want my Dalek, you can request the pattern in a comment and I'll see what I can do for you. 


  1. I love it! A crocheted Dalek! How did you manage to take such a cool picture? It looks like the eyestalk is glowing!

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  2. Soooo cute!!!!!! I love the Daleks! To be honest they are awful badguys though because they are not scary at all. And their constant "exterminate" is a bit annoying. But they are cute :) especially when they come in different colors. I like orange best.


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