Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Windows to the Soul

When I was in fourth grade, I took an art class at a co-op. One of the projects we did was a drawing of an emu. This drawing was one of the few I've done that actually looks good (included in this scant collection is, of course, my drawing of Tony Stark). But I am rather proud of one I did a few minutes ago. It took me about fifteen minutes, give or take. Possibly one of the reasons I'm such a bad artist is that I am unable to spend any time on a drawing or painting.

First, I took a picture of my right eye on my iPhone. Then I zoomed in on it and took a screen shot. I also zoomed in on that and took another screen shot, but I didn't like that one.
original photo

zoomed in version

When I saw how cool the zoomed in version looked, I decided to sketch it, something I'm not profoundly good at, as I mentioned multiple times above.

But the result, I think, is better than I expected:
Although, if I'm perfectly honest, my representation of my own eye looks like it could belong to any number of species, including lizards. 


  1. It's much better than I would expect, considering that the original picture made you look a little creepy. You're a much better artist than I would think considering your Avengers pictures. (Apart from Tony Stark of course.)


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