Thursday, September 13, 2012

Not Just Another Chicken

The other day, my brother's friend found an abandoned chick in the parking lot of AutoZone.  The chick was welcomed here that afternoon and we set up a pen for her outside.

She promptly escaped and chose to run around with the big mean hens, who tried to peck at her even though she wasn't bothering them at all.

However, while they are mean to her she is very nice to us. We suspect that she was a pet and was left on the side of the road by some angry parents, which is why she is so comfortable around humans. She jumps up on our laps. She jumps up on our shoulders. She comes chirping at the back door at night, wishing to sleep inside.

We have named her Penny. She's just starting to lose her down, so we reckon she is about 8-12 weeks old. And she is the nicest chicken I have ever encountered.

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