Saturday, September 8, 2012

It Was Irresistible

So, a few minutes after I published my last post, I cast on about twelve stitches with my new yarn and did a swatch in linen stitch. My mom has been doing some linen stitch scarves which are absolutely beautiful, and I've been tempted to make one as well, but until today haven't done much about that.

I've also been looking at cowl patterns, and so decided to combine the two ideas... a linen stitch cowl.

I cast on 140 stitches, and started to knit. It's a very simple pattern and doesn't take a lot of concentration. So since this afternoon, I have knit:
It's about two and  half inches, and I still have seventy of the original hundred grams left, so I think it'll be just the right size.

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  1. You should do some more book reviews! I need something to read!


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