Thursday, September 13, 2012

Doctor Who Day, 2012

Exactly two years ago yesterday was the very first time I watched Doctor Who. Exactly one year ago yesterday was the day me and my friend Rose had a sleepover to celebrate our one year anniversary of Whovianity. Yesterday was the day we baked Doctor Who cookies and figured out how old Amy Pond was and how long she and Rory have been married.

We baked sugar cookies in the afternoon  and then after dinner we cut them out and baked them.

Who is this Docy- Thor person, and why is he impersonating a Norse god?

Since it was Artemis's 16th/ 19th birthday on the first of September and we had lots of extra cookie dough, we made him some cookies too. 

From the left, Rose, Anya (me), and Rose's evil and identical twin sister, whose cheery smile isn't fooling anybody. 

 As you can see, we forgot to make the 'D' in 'Day', so Rose did the honors of cutting one out of paper. It wasn't edible, but at least we didn't have cookies spelling out 'Doctor Who Ay'.

Happy birthday, Arty. May we never delay it by almost two weeks again. 

And what a day for the Rolling Stone to publish this: 

What a great day from start to finish... apart from having to do geometry, all my other school, and nearly getting sick on cookie dough. 

Next year... will be even better. 

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