Friday, August 31, 2012

Four Stories

I haven't been writing very much lately. Writing novels, I mean. (not that I've been blogging that much, either, come to think of it.) As I said a couple of days ago, I've been too busy knitting. Unfortunately, everything that I'm knitting is top secret (which explains why I've been working on it in the middle of the busy house all day) so I can't blog about it. I apologize to any followers from Ravelry who are only interested in the knitting posts; and bring good news to those who dislike my posts about all things knitting. 

Here's the plan. In September, I will write one short story a week. And post them here. Hopefully this will get me back into the groove of writing daily. And it has the added bonus of showing off my writing skills and making y'all happy. Well, some of you happy. 

I will have the first story out sometime next week, amongst the other posts I will (hopefully) write about other interesting (hopefully) topics. Such as school. :'( 

I hope that you eagerly await reading the stories as much as I eagerly await you reading them. Happy Friday! 

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