Friday, August 10, 2012

Hair Bands

This morning, after I emptied what seemed like a hundred soy sauce packets left over from the other night's take out dinner from Pei Wei...
... I crocheted a headband. I got the idea from the blog Crafts By Sinjah, which is coincidentally where I found the pattern for my V-Stitch gloves

What I did was chain a loop that was the right size for a headband, *single crocheted about five inches along the chain, started chaining again until it was as long as the first chain minus the five inches, slipped into the first single crochet, and repeated once from *. 

The navy blue doesn't show up very well in my dark hair, but it goes with my outfit for today, so I'm not allowed to complain. I might make another one with a flower added onto one of the chains... 


  1. What I'm interested in, seeing as I don't know anything about crocheting, is why you had to empty packets of soy sauce.

  2. haha! did mom make you empty the soy sauce packets?? that's hilarious...I wish I had seen you do it, because I would have laughed.


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