Friday, August 24, 2012

Joke of the Month- August

This is my Dad's favorite joke to tell:

There was a village that was well known across the world for its fantastic flower shops. The flowers were bright and cheery, and sold quite well.

But there was suddenly a drop in sales. The townspeople were shocked and did not know why people had stopped buying their flowers. But one person discovered an abbey of monks who had begun their own flower business on top of a high hill.

The villagers were furious, and they sent one of the strongest men there up the hill to put a stop to the monks' popular shop.

The man was called Gregory, and he climbed the hill and chopped off the hands of every single monk. His mission accomplished, he went down the hill, greeted by the cheers of the villagers.

But despite their hands being cut off, the monks' business seemed still to be blooming, no pun intended. And so George, who was even stronger than Gregory, found the monks and cut off their legs. Unfortunately, the persistent monks somehow continued to sell their flowers at an incredible rate.

And so the villagers, now desperate, sent yet another man up to the abbey. This man, Hugh, was stronger and more vicious than both Gregory and George combined. And so Hugh climbed the hill with his sword in his hand and he chopped off the heads of the monks. Needless to say, their business promptly fell.

And the moral of the story is, Only Hugh can prevent florist friars.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

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