Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Early This Morning...

It is a well known fact among the members of my family that I am a night owl. My fellow night owls know this because the often see me at one or two in the morning, typing at the computer or clicking my knitting needles. The morning people know that I am a night owl because they don't see me until 10 the next morning.

Last night was a night of crochet. I meant to write, but first my dad as using the laptop and then I was in the middle of a crochet pattern, so I just crocheted.

The picture does not do the motif justice- the colors are much brighter and lighter. I used the pattern Sunny Days from Yellow, Pink and Sparkly. The pattern is available for free both on her blog and on Ravelry, here and here. The pattern uses DK yarn and a size E crochet hook and measured 12 cm across. But I used size 5 crochet thread for the yellow and green and embroidery thread for the pink, and a size 1.75 hook. Mine measures 7 cm across, so it's small enough to put on a hair clip.

I would, and probably will, gladly make this up again. Many thanks to Janet at Yellow, Pink and Sparkly.

For many fewer details, visit my Ravelry page here.

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  1. This is lovely Anya. I love the idea of using it on a hair clip.


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