Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hamster Humphrey

A few days ago, I was wondering what would happen if I felted a fair isle something. Originally I was going to knit up another fair isle mouse but decided to create my own fair isle mouse. I casted on, knit a few rows, and when it started to look more like a hamster, I decided to create my own fair isle hamster. 

Tada! I give you Hamster Humphrey. Humphrey because it was the first name I thought of that started with an 'H' that wasn't Huey, and there's already a Hamster Huey. 

I felted Hamster Humphrey and didn't get too much of a result. I believe the cause to be US size 8 needles and worsted/ bulky weight yarn. My subconscious must have realized that it wouldn't have worked out too well if the stitches were tight, but oh no, I refused to listen.  And so I ended up with a Hamster Humphrey slightly fuzzier and still in great need of a diet. 

Luckily, I saved the chart I made, so I can recreate Hamster Humphrey on bigger needles if need be. 

I will be posting the pattern in the next day or two, both here and on Ravelry. I just need to figure out all the increases/decreases. 


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