Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Accessory

I adore fingerless gloves. I also occasionally call them 'finger gloves' by mistake, which makes no sense. 

When spinners or yarn connoisseurs (do such people exist?) hear 'art yarn', they probably think lumpy, uneven yarn in bright colors that make no sense. This yarn is probably impossible to knit or crochet with, and would create a rather ugly garment anyway. Or, if this art yarn is handspun, they might think, What a lousy excuse for a skein of failed yarn!

I spun some art yarn a month or so ago, with the intention of it having all of the properties of art yarn except the atrociousness. I did this quite well. 
Some slight unevenness, only to be expected from handspun yarn, but overall, my yarn was very nice and colorful. It also was not mostly pink as the picture would suggest. That's just the photograph deceiving you. 

I spent a long time hunting around for a good pattern and finally found this one on Ravelry. It was free. It required less than the 105 yards I had. The gloves were pretty, and the pattern was easy to follow. 

I made one glove, and promptly ripped it out. I like my fingerless gloves to be nice and snug (which is why I love the pair of my sister Elizabeth's that got shrunk in the wash), and my first try was way too loose. I also didn't like the crocheted cuff. 

So I knit the cuff and crocheted the body, and adjusted the pattern for a smaller size. Then it was too long. Another reason I picked this pattern was that it was short, meaning that the cuff only went out an inch or two on my wrist, so I could wear the gloves with my watch.  

I started yet again. This time, I cut out rounds eight and nine. It was perfect. 

I added a black chain to the top of the glove and wove in the ends and I was finished! I am extremely happy with them, and would recommend the pattern to anyone. 

P.S. I apologize for not writing about Elizabeth's wedding- if it ever gets done, it won't be for a very long while. My reasoning is this: you probably don't really care, I didn't take any pictures so you would probably only get a rough idea of what the wedding was like. 



  2. hey those look really nice with your dark nails!

    1. Thank you. I had it all planned out to finish the gloves before the nail polish started chipping.


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