Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fairly Recent Memories

Everybody has memories of those little semi-transparent colored pegs that you stick in the board full of holes and then light it up... it's like magic.

What's also magic is that I took this picture in broad daylight and that is exactly how it turned out. Awesome, huh? 

Yesterday, my friend Rose and I discovered two sets of Lite-Brite in the living room. Two ancient, wonderful sets of Lite-Brite. They had, from about seven years ago until the other day, been hidden away in my brother's closet. But now, they're on their way to Good Will or some such place. But we did rediscover them for one afternoon.

I obviously had to make a Tardis––  I had planned on making it fill up the entire board, but I barely had enough blue pegs to make the tiny Tardis. 

(I also made a Doctor, but seeing as we didn't have brown or tan or enough space, I erased him from the peg board of wonder.) 

Rose too had fun with her Lite-Brite...
But she, unlike me, chose to follow a pattern. That was actually because her board was the right size and mine was too small, so I had to improvise. But at least I had enough pegs to finish my design. Also, her board being much older than mine, she couldn't light it up. Ah well. Nobody's Lite-Brite is perfect. Except mine, of course. 

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