Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Double Pointed Pencils

Commonly used tools in knitting are Double Pointed Needles. Double Pointed Needles, often shortened to DPNs, are used to knit in the round, creating a tube of knitting. Or, depending on various increases and decreases, a hat or stuffed animal.

I have no DPNs in my meager collection of knitting needles. I do, however, have colored pencils.

I sharpened both ends of four colored pencils and found some yarn in my stash of hand spun yarn, and cast on. 

I've used DPNs, or rather DPPs,  before, but it didn't work very well. But I wanted to try again because most hat patterns are knit in the round, and I'd like to knit hats. So, for practice, I decided to knit a hat for one of my many stuffed animals. 

It was successful. I tried to do some ribbing a couple of times, and failed, but it all worked out okay. 
My mother thinks that the model, a monkey by the name of Jay-Jay (named, of course, for the Silky Sifaka Lemur in Artemis Fowl), looks like a duck. I disagree entirely. Please feel entirely welcome to post your own opinion of Jay-Jay's similarity to a duck. 


  1. I think Jay-Jay looks just as much like a duck as that picture of Darth Vader I drew for our scrapbook. Which I think your mom thought looked like a duck...
    Maybe it's your mom, not Jay-Jay, or Darth Vader. That makes me feel better about my artistic talent.

  2. Well I'm not sure Jay Jay looks like a duck, but, Grandma's house sure does.

  3. JayJay looks like a cute monkey. I called a doll Captain Holly Short.

  4. I like Juliet Butler...she`s awesome!


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