Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crochet Beret

Don't those words just sound wonderful together? I certainly think so.  I've seen a few patterns for crochet berets on Ravelry, but I'm not sure that August is the time to start crocheted hats, especially in Texas, especially when I already have half a dozen projects started (and another order of yarn coming any day).

But, seeing as all of my projects are Christmas presents, I can't exactly knit anywhere in the house which is filled with could be recipients. But I like to be with everybody because they are entertaining. So the compromise is working on little projects that only take an hour to make. Namely, a beret for a stuffed lamb named Oxford.

Oxford was given to me when my sister Rebecca went to Oxford in '08. Oxford is in fact a girl, despite the misgivings the name offers. 

The beret doesn't exactly stay on her head, but it looks cute in the picture. I used I Love This Yarn, a very small amount, and a H crochet hook. 

I'm very happy with it. Maybe next time I'll crochet a beret for me. Doubtless it won't fit. 

P.S. Sorry for not blogging for so long... I've been too busy knitting. I am going to get better in the next few days! I hope...

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