Thursday, August 2, 2012

Louisiana, the Edge Of

People might say that since Shreveport, Louisiana is right next to Texas, they would feel pretty much the same. Not exactly true. 

As soon as we crossed the border last Thursday, it was all, "Louisiana is just so gloomy! Look at the clouds! It's so much better in Texas!" 

We are all avid lovers of Texas. 

The reasoning behind taking the three hour road trip to Shreveport was not just so that we could find fault with Louisiana, but to visit the movie set of my brother David's film Ain't Them Bodies Saints, which he wrote and is directing. If you google it a quarter billion results will show. 

When we reached David's rented house in Shreveport at around 1:30, David was about to leave for the set.  They were going to start filming around five, so we had three hours to do whatever we wanted before following David to the set. 

And so, lunch it was. A certain Bodacious Barbecue caught our attention, and we headed over there for their trademark Botato (say with a strong southern accent), a baked potato with their bbq brisket, tons of butter, cheese, and sour cream. 
Bodacious Barbecue

They were  big fan of pigs. The entire diner was filled with statues of pigs. My lame excuse for this bad picture is that we were getting in the car and I didn't have time to take a better one. 

We finished lunch around three thirty or so and set off to find the set. We had directions, we had the address, we were happy. 

Three hours later, we arrived at the set which should probably have taken about ten minutes to get to had we not gotten hopelessly lost. 

Ah well. We got there. David had time to say hello. We met Ben Foster and Casey Affleck. We saw all of the trucks and eighteen wheelers needed just to film a movie. It's bigger stuff than we thought. 
 They were filming inside the house and we couldn't go in obviously, but we were given headsets that allowed us to hear everything that was going on. We were also given awesome chairs.

 I can't help but wonder if Elizabeth's mind is somewhere else; her fiancĂ©, perhaps?
 Equipment. Confusing equipment.

 A corner of the house where they were filming
 Big air conditioning thingy.

Since the film takes place in the 70s, there were some awesome police cars:
I want one of those cars for my sixteenth birthday. 

It was so amazing. We're all very, very proud of David for being in complete control of all of this.

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