Monday, July 16, 2012

Norwegian Mouse

For a few months now, I've had my eye on a lovely pattern for a fair isle mouse on Yellow, Pink and Sparkly, a wonderful blog I've been following (since I found the fair isle mouse pattern, as it happens). I finally got around to knitting one. I started last night around eleven, which was stupid of me because it being Saturday night I had to get up early for Mass the next day (which was today. This is getting confusing), and had to get to bed relatively early. But I still got to bed before midnight. I finished the mouse this morning. Mostly.
You can't see much of the color work from this angle, but it's still a cute picture of the mouse.
I started with five handspun yarns. You're supposed to have five contrasts, but I only used four, and it worked out fine. I also didn't have small enough needles. And the smallest needles I had were already in use. I compromised.
Well, I can tell you, knitting two projects on the same pair of needles isn't as difficult as it sounds. As long as the projects are relatively small, in any case. Since the mouse was going to be finished in a day, I was like, well I'm not working on this scarf in the next twenty four hours anyway, so it won't be (much) of a problem. 
As I said earlier, I finished this morning. At least, I thought I had. Even though this picture is extra terrible, you can still tell something is missing. It took me all day to find out what.

Eyes and ears.

But I fixed that this evening.

This bird's eye view shows his bald spot, where my handspun yarn got a bit thin. My excuse can be that he's an elderly mouse and I did it on purpose. 
I love his face. I also seem to have a problem with making mice's ears too big, but it looks good on this chap.

Thank you, Janet at Yellow, Pink and Sparkly, for this spectacular pattern!

Now, I have a headache and am exhausted. It's still Sunday night for me, even if it is after midnight. But that's the way my evenings often run.

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