Sunday, July 22, 2012


My hair is very straight. My hair is also beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, thick, and the envy of many, as my sisters tell me multiple times daily. I try not to be vain.

But I have now discovered a hairstyle that, when taken out, leaves my hair in gorgeous curls that last more than the usual five minutes granted by the curling iron.
Okay, so it's not that curly, but it you know me (or rather, my hair) you know that that is more curly than my hair has ever been. Except when I put it in those tiny braids for a night and it comes out super frizzy and awful in the morning, even though I don't brush it. Those little braids are very deceiving. 

The trick is a french braid with the end rolled into a bun. I had it in for only an hour or two today, and when I took it out, voila! Then I put the braid back in and left it till tonight, and was rewarded again. Who knows how long my hair will remain curly; half an hour at best.

As I said, my hair is very straight. 

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