Monday, July 30, 2012


My friend Rose and I seem to be going on a Disney spree. In the past few weeks, we've watched Sleeping Beauty, Tarzan (for the first time), Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Hercules (also for the first time), and now Anastasia.

On the Anastasia DVD special features are four drawing tutorials. I did 3 out of the four:
Well. My favorite, needless to say, is Bartok, who is going insane over a lollipop. Anastasia looked like a monkey until the next to last step (she still does look a little simian). And Dimitri... well, he's not too, too bad. The artist was really into using angular lines to make him look rough and muscular, and his crooked nose apparently keeps him from being overly handsome. In my drawing, it's more his overall appearance that keeps him from being handsome at all. His, as Rose calls it, Leonardo DiCaprio hair needs a little work.

There was also a tutorial for Rasputin, but it looked nothing like Rasputin. More like a drunk goblin with a hand bigger than his face. 

Thank heavens I wasn't on the drawing crew for that movie! 

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