Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth Feast

The four Lowery sisters celebrating at a park on July 4th. We all know that the number four sounds very like the Chinese word for death, but I don't think any of us were thinking thoughts of death today.

We started out at EatZi's, a miniature Central Market. Picnic food galore. We got a huge ham and avocado and something sandwich, a fajita, and three desserts.

At the park, we passed a guy selling grilled cheese sandwiches from his truck, Texas's best grilled cheese or something, and ordered one. And we sat down in the grass, unfolded our blanket, and set the table, figuratively speaking.
grilled cheese


See Elizabeth's engagement ring in that last picture?

Talk about a good lunch. I was declared a chef for recognizing the strange taste in the ham sandwich as ginger. The grilled cheese sandwich was amazing. Actually, everything was amazing. 

After we ate the savory part of the meal, we had some fun playing badminton without a net and playing frisbee. With a frisbee. 

And taking pictures:

Elizabeth, looking pretty on candid camera. 

The three younger sisters, Becca, Mary Margaret, and me, frolicking with the gnomes. 

A triangle; the Holy Trinity

A hexagonal peace sign

Uh... slugs, maybe? Or perhaps they're worshipping someone?

And then chatting amiably from either side of the bridge.

All I know about this one is Mary Margaret looks like a philosopher, questioning the meaning of fingers, while Becca and Elizabeth are being very happy.

And at last, a heart.

Then we took some single shots across the road. Rebecca's, above and below...

Lovely Mary Margaret...


Er... Mary Margaret again, with Becca and Elizabeth. 

Becca, me, and MM...
Elizabeth, me, and MM...

Becca, me, and MM

Three youngest sisters...
And again...
And here we are at the giant teddy bears! This one is very clearly protesting to having Becca sit on him.

Becca. Giving the big bear a kiss.

Becca and Elizabeth posing for a picture

And Mary Margaret jumping into the photo. She just can't get enough attention.

And I took Elizabeth's place
This little one is very interested in a little bird.
So are me and Izzy, it seems

Becca and Mary Margaret, dipping their feet in the water. Don't ask why MM is still wearing her shoes.

Dessert  time. You see below red velvet (Elizabeth's new favorite), chocolate cream something cake, and brownie mousse deliciousness.

Rich and delicious. Mmm....

Then we all took a nap. I was laughing because I opened my eyes and saw that Izzy was taking a picture. I don't remember why I found that so hilarious...

We played some more frisbee, and went home around three thirty. Four hours of sisterly fun.

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