Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paper Bouquet

A couple of weeks ago, I found the origami pattern for a lotus flower. Unfortunately, when I tried to make it, the origami paper tended to tear when it came to folding up the petals. 

Then, a day or so ago, I found the pattern again, and it suggested that you use tissue paper, as that is less liable to tear. A short while later:
 This was the first one I made. I didn't like it because it only had two layers of petals, and it was too big. So...
If you look closely at the blurry picture, you can just see that there are more petals. 
I made a white one. It was out of a little bit stiffer tissue paper, a.ka. more expensive tissue paper, so it was a little harder. The moral of the story is that it's better to use cheap tissue paper when you make origami lotuses. 
 I made a pink one...

And an orange one. And I stuck white pipe cleaners in the middle (they poked right through the thin paper, very neat indeed) And stuck them in the lovely vase I appropriated from Elizabeth.

Pink, yellow, orange and white is my favorite color combination.

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