Wednesday, July 11, 2012

365 Days of Spinning

Uno year of advanced fiber arts. I say uno instead of one because if I use Espanol I'll sound like I'm bilingual, even though my Spanish vocabulary extends to the number three and stops suddenly.

As you may have guessed from the purely English title of the post, my topic of today is not my slightly nonexistent abilities in multiple languages, but spinning. Yet again. 

Exactly a year ago (though, not down to the minutes and seconds, I grant you) I learned to spin. Not the twirl around sort of dancing that every two year old can do with ease. Spinning yarn. 

My first yarn was actually very nice looking, in an interesting sort of way. 
The colors, you must admit, are beautiful. Hand dyed, thank you very much. However, I'm not so sure about the non-uniformity of the yarn. Let's just say that I've gotten better. Let's see just how much better by the yarn I finished a couple of days ago:

My beautiful blue roving, all finished up. A total of almost 480 yards, double ply sport weight yarn. Not perfectly even, but I think that when compared with the yarn of a year ago, you'd have to be pretty insane to say I haven't improved. 

I knitted up two swatches in stockinette, just for fun. 
It almost hurts to see the uneven bulk and messiness of yarn no 1 compared with the elegance of yarn no 2. 

I can't wait to turn the 480 yards of gorgeousness into something... I see a lace shawl... I like lace. 

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