Friday, May 3, 2013

FO Friday: Yeah, right

I think that my Hermione's Everyday Socks are my first project to feature on two FO Friday posts without actually being anywhere near finished. (Would you like to see the other post? It mentions Robin Hood!) I'm still knitting away at them, and while they do actually look like socks now, they're still miles away from being done.

Because when I'm finished with this sock, I have to knit another one.

I'm really, really hoping and praying that I don't end up with a severe case of Second Sock Sydrome (SSS is when somebody knits one sock but then gets so bored that they fail to knit its mate). But if I do, this will be the only pair to suffer the consequences because after this, I am going to knit all of my socks Two at a Time. I'm already dreading knitting the other sock- not because it's going to be miserable knitting it, but because I've been working on this one for a month and a half and I'm only two thirds of the way done. With any luck, I'll have finished this pair of socks by August, at which point it will be too hot to wear them.

But apart from my completely rational fears of Second Sock Syndrome, I'm enjoying knitting these socks. The yarn is pretty (but next time I'm going for something brighter! they are socks, after all), and I rather like that the needles perfectly match the color.

I'll try and refrain from posting about these socks again before they're finished- I'm sure that otherwise, none of you would 'ooh' and 'ah' when I actually finished them.

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  1. I like that the needles match too :) legit move :) Can't wait for you to knit me a pair, actually I still want those leg warmers first!! xoxo becca


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